What Makes Barongs So Fit For Religious Events?

What Makes Barongs So Fit For Religious Events?

Hey, are you religious? Or, if not, have you ever been to church or attend religious gatherings and events? Well, I have been to a lot of church activities and various religious events and gatherings. Most of the time, I could see people wearing barong, especially on a special religious event. It seems that wearing barongs in religious events is the most appropriate clothes to wear.


We know that some would love to wear other clothing like the western suit and tie, long sleeves with a tie, polo shirts, and more. But it seems that if you wear a barong, you’ve made a remarkable choice. What was in this piece of apparel that makes it so famously appropriate for religious events? Does it have a divine and spiritual impact? Or it’s just something that people are used to wearing on these particular events? Let’s try to find out.

It’s the respectable and honorable look

Have you ever been to a very formal religious gathering where people wear ordinary clothes, T-shirts with a printed peace sign, or costumes of their favorite mascot? I’m sure the priest or minister and the church people would be shocked. Why would anyone wear such ridiculous clothes on formal church event? It’s absurd, right?

Well, if you ask a lot of people, they would say that wearing a barong would make you look “kagalanggalang” in the Filipino language, which means honorable. We respect the event, so we would wear clothing that would make you look respectable and honorable. Who could have gone wrong wearing such an elegant and stylish apparel like this one here?

The highly fashionable elegance of a barong is the main factor for its highly honorable look. Just make sure you have them appropriately pressed and not totally wrinkled. Now that would look even more ridiculous. So don’t forget that.

It’s an outfit of the church leaders


If you enter a church wearing barong, some might have mistaken you as priest or minister. It’s one of the clothing where church people would say, “You belong here.” It’s in the churches for many years, and most church clergy, elders, ministers, and priest would wear this. Other church male church officers and deacons would also wear barong, especially on special occasions in the church. But you can see some of them wearing every Sunday during worship and other Sunday activities. That makes them look honorable, maintaining that looks of a leader.

People are used to wearing it for religious events


If it’s a very formal religious event, what will come first in the people’s mind is the barong. We have an old joke that says, “If you want to make it formal, wear barong.” That is because we people are used to the fact that barongs are the most formal dress you can wear, especially on religious events.

It’s like programed in our thoughts that barongs are one of the best options for religious events. In whatever Filipino religious event, you will not miss barong Tagalog. It’s one of the most preferred clothes men would wear.

It’s a dress that you don’t see very often

There is this one rule of thumb when you wear something for a very special occasion. It has to be something that you do not see every day. Like these limited edition barongs with brand new styles you can find here at barongs r us.


But barong tagalogs are very common, and you can see them every day in offices, schools, and other places. So why is it something that you would consider wearing on a special occasion?

Well, the beauty of barong tagalogs is that it has lots of varieties. It has a variety of selections that you can wear every day and also selections that you can wear on special occasions. Of course, you don’t want to wear and expensive long-sleeved barong on ordinary days, right? You will reserve that for a very special event like church weddings, christenings, and other special occasions.

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