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How to Look Your Best When Wearing a Barong Tagalog

Wearing Barong Tagalog gives a sense of pride and confidence to the wearer. It is not just a simple piece of clothing that is worn for formal events, but it also serves as a strong symbol of Filipino culture and tradition. And with so many stylish barongs available in the market, there is definitely an assurance that you will be able to find one. But the question lies as to how you can look best when wearing a barong of your own?

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Tips to Looking Best in Barong

When it comes to looking your best when you are wearing a barong, you need to understand what kind of look and aura you want to exude to people. As this formal shirt is made for certain occasions, you need to know how you can stand out while wearing one without being too much or too less. That said, we have listed some useful tips to guide you.

Find the Right Barong Style for You

Looking for the right barong for yourself may be a challenging thing to do since there are many options and you are unsure of what fits you. But finding a certain style of your own is simple and it begins with knowing your body type and your personal taste in general. Determine what type of barong that fits and flatters your physique. Choose a barong that is tapered to your shape and comfortable to wear so it does not look too fit or too loose on you.

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Choose a Versatile Color and Fabric

Another way to look your best in a barong is choosing color or fabric that is right for your skin tone and the occasion that you are attending. So if you go for a colored barong, choose among neutrals, earthy, lightweight and versatile ones. Think also of the fabric that you want for your barong, as well. Some barongs are sheer and see-through while others are much thicker. Always consider the occasion when choosing based on these factors.

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Go for Quality Barong Tagalog

Of course, you need to invest in a high quality Barong for you to ensure that it is durable, and comfortable to wear for the whole event. Purchasing a high quality barong is made easy when you know how to check for the right fabric, embroidery, finish and measurements. When you are able to do that, you can be sure that you have invested in the right formal wear.

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Make Sure the Barong Fits You

A stylish barong will only look stylish if you are wearing it with the right fit. Make sure that the shirt hugs you enough so it perfectly accentuates your body features. If it is too tight, you may look a bit stuffy and there will not be enough room for you to move. And if it comes as too loose, it will be unflattering for you to look at. So look for a barong that is just right for you and would make you look attractive and your body proportionate.

Look Best with the Barong R Us Collection!

To look best in a barong, you need to find the right barong that will flatter your body. So do not just go for something that is extravagant but go for something that will look good on you. That said, buy yourself a ready made or custom made barong tagalog at a reliable store that is guaranteed the best. At Barong R Us, we offer a wide range of barongs for men at a reasonable price. So if you are looking for an excellent quality of barong that does not disappoint, we are the right online store for you. Visit to know more.

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