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Why Are Barongs Still Popular Today

When we talk about cultural attires, there’s something appealing and different about the classic Filipino suit – the elegant pineapple fiber made Barong Tagalog.

Commonly seen being used in formal events in the Philippines, the barong tagalog, or simply known as barong, is a long-sleeved shirt praised as a national dress. From the way it looks to how it’s actually made, the barong’s exquisite taste in both fashion and history is a treat for anybody who’s seen it. However, one notable characteristic about this national dress isn’t about how it looks but how it withstood the test of time. Despite being old-fashioned, it seems like the barong tagalog has made its way into the hearts of many today in the world of fashion.

The fact that the barong hasn’t gone out of style yet is truly something worth taking notes on, considering it’s obviously not supposed to be worn in today’s era. But despite its seemingly old design, how come it’s still being held as one of the world’s most unique dresses? From its design, comfort, and the way it’s made, maybe we’ll know exactly why this piece of clothing is timeless on its own.

Barong’s Signature and Inspiring Look

largest collection of Barong Tagalog

There is a reason that whenever cultural events happen, the Filipino representative almost always stands out from the crowd – it’s probably because of the barong. Aside from the natural color of the barong, you can feel its texture by just looking at it. It’s no wonder that the barong stands out from the rest of the seemingly monotonous suits and ties. However, there’s more than what meets the eye regarding this exotic-looking dress aside from its colors and textile.

Unique Designs

One primary reason why the barong stands out so much is how it looks because of the textile used in making it. While other notable suits use cotton and wool primarily as the base of the clothing, barongs use pineapple fiber, silk, and a native crop in the PH, abaca. The way these barongs are made to contribute to its beauty and uniqueness since making barongs is a tedious process that requires delicateness – piña weaving. The piña weaving process begins with stripping the leaves of the pineapple to make the strings or twines. Although it’s just starting, it’s already proving to be a difficult task.

Custom made barong tagalog

An example of a beautifully crafted barong 

The weaving process would take weeks to complete, from the extraction of the strings down to drying and knotting. Mind you, the entire process would only yield one barong, so every barong you see is very unique with its pattern and care put into it. Aside from the process it takes to make one, the patterns and texture you see in most barongs are unique since it tells the Philippine culture. The suit showcases the Filipino mastery in the crafts of fabrics in its design. Every design has a meaning, from the elegant lines going down the seams to the way it curves playfully across the buttons on the dress.

filipino formal dress

A common and traditional design of a barong tagalog 

Evolutionary Styles

Another unique thing about what makes barongs still relevant and popular today is how dynamic its design is. There are limitless combinations to how you’d want your barong to look like, from its color to the embroideries on it. The fact that the barong doesn’t come in one boring off-white design with flowery embroideries add to the reason why it’s very popular today. The barong fashion has also taken different forms in various designer clothing from barong bomber jackets, barong dresses, and the very slick all-black barong.


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The barong’s many styles

In addition to why it’s so popular, traditionally, the barong was for men to wear only. However, the barong style chooses no one and has become a unisex piece of clothing. Anyone can rock a barong nowadays, and they can easily turn heads while wearing it. With how sex-friendly the suit is, anybody can wear it, look good, and feel good since it’s highly comfortable as well. If looks can kill, then the barong would be on the most wanted list. Lastly, another reason why the barong is still popular today is that it’s simply stylish and old-school.


Filipino Fashion

Showcasing how dynamic and unisex the barong can be 

No matter who you are or where you are, the barong is a look that will serve you well thanks to its uniqueness. From the special way it’s prepared, down to how beautiful and inclusive its design is, it is no wonder the barong never lost its touch. The idea of a dress should go beyond looks and how appealing it is, though, and this cultural piece of clothing exemplifies that thought very well. What makes something stay is not simply its beauty but its story from the past and how it continually makes an impact in the present.

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