International Celebrities Wearing Barong Tagalog to Events

Barong Tagalog

International Celebrities Wearing Barong Tagalog to Events

When it comes to dressing up for special occasions and events, celebrities have the most fashionable options at their disposal. From red carpets to award shows, stars often turn to designer labels and couture pieces to make a statement. However, more recently, there has been an influx of international celebrities wearing modern Barong Tagalog – a traditional Filipino garment – to various events.

What is the Barong Tagalog?

The Barong Tagalog is a traditional dress worn by men in the Philippines. It is a formal shirt that features embroidered designs and is made of piña fabric. It is sometimes referred to as the Baro’t S  aya and is usually paired with a color-coordinated “saya” skirt for women. The modern Barong Tagalog is characterized by a loose fit and contemporary look, making it appealing to men all over the world.

How the Barong Tagalog Went International

The modern barong tagalog burst onto the international scene in the early 2010s when local celebrities began wearing it to events. These stars included actors and singers from the Philippines and other countries. In recent years, international celebrities have also been spotted wearing the barong tagalog to red-carpet events.

Celebrities Wearing the Barong Tagalog

Some of the most famous international celebrities wearing the barong tagalog include Hollywood celebrities and Hollywood stars. Hollywood actor Darren Criss, Jeremy Renner, Dave Bautista, rapper, & director Quentin Tarantino has worn the barong tagalog at events.

Aside from Barong Tagalog, international celebrities also wear modern Filipiniana dresses during awards and prestigious events. Vanessa Hudgens paid homage to her Filipino heritage at the recent Met Gala. Kelly Osbourne has also showcased an elegant royal blue modern Filipiniana in a Hollywood event. Just a few international celebrities show elegance and grace in wearing traditional Filipino at prestigious events.

Darren Criss in his wedding ceremony wearing Francis Libiran Barong Tagalog: (credits from Darren Criss Instagram)

Barong Tagalog

Jeremy Renner wearing Barong Tagalog during a courtesy call at the Malacañang: (Credits from Esquire News)

Barong Tagalog

Dave Bautista proudly wore Barong Tagalog during a WWE guest: (Credits from Dave Bautista’s Twitter)

Barong Tagalog proudly wore his Barong Tagalog while receiving an award from Benigno Aquino III in Malacañang Palace: Credits from Lauro Montellano, Jr.(

Barong Tagalog

Quentin Tarantino displayed his Barong Tagalog at the 65th Golden Globe Award, where he was a nominee for Best Drama: (Credits from Esquire)

Barong Tagalog

Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her modern take on Filipiniana dress in Met Gala: (Credits from Vanessa Hudgens Instagram)

Barong Tagalog

Kelly Osbourne wore an elegant blue Filipiniana dress on a Golden Globe Award red carpet: (Credits from Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Barong Tagalog

Where to Find Barong Tagalogg

If you are looking for a barong for a special event, you can find a wide range of modern barong tagalogs to choose from at Barongs R Us. We offer a collection of styles to suit any occasion and budget, ranging from classic barong to modern takes on the Filipino look.

Whether you are a Filipino looking to stay true to your roots or an international celebrity looking to make a statement, a barong is sure to make you stand out. From award shows to international events, the traditional Filipino garment has become a must-have for those who want to make a fashionable statement.

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