Traditional and Modern range of Barong Tagalog – Philippines Fashion

Traditional and Modern range of Barong Tagalog – Philippines Fashion

In Philippines wedding, Barong Tagalog always makes an engaging appearance that has gained more popularity and preference with the groom’s attire. Philippine is famous for its wide-ranging market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles. We, at BarongsRus offer an exclusive range of Barong Tagalog with extreme excellence.

Filipiniana Wedding Dresses


Barong Tagalog is considered as the Philippine’s national dress. Just like there are many variations of clothing and all types of garments, Barong tagalog also comes in several types of fabrics such as the Organza, Jusi, Jusilyn, Pina and more. Barong Tagalogs are available in various colors and most popular and everyone’s favorite is The White Barong Tagalog. Get an amazing collection of The White Barong Tagalog for your wedding and to beautify every occasion.


In this video, you can see the happiness and elegance which we have delivered in the form of Barong Tagalog. We always commit the best and guaranteed customer satisfaction that facilitates us in attaining our goal of being the best.

traditional filipino dress

Weddings in the Philippines show a rich Filipino culture and this includes being able to sport Barong Tagalog pieces in various sizes and colors. Barong Tagalog is exceptionally Filipino and people in all walks of life love wearing this particularly during special occasions, functions and events. Contact us and look at your best with simplicity and sophistication. You can have your individualistic choices of materials and designs.

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