Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 Winner Lars Pacheco Stuns in Filipiniana Gown During her Homecoming

Filipiniana Gown

Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 Winner Lars Pacheco Stuns in Filipiniana Gown During her Homecoming

Another stunning Filipiniana has made its way to the scene, this time by the ever-beautiful Lars Pacheco! Lars has been making a headline in the media outlets in the country since she was crowned as the newest Miss International Queen Philippines 2023. The beauty queen is best known for joining several local pageants and the It’s Showtime’s “Miss Q&A” competition. After winning the MIQP title, she then made a special appearance in her Alma Mater while wearing an intricate Filipiniana dress.

Get to know her iconic look in her homecoming event here.


Lars Pacheco’s Stunning Filipiniana Gown

Lars stunned her hometown in Bocaue, Bulacan, when she wore one of the many Chico Estiva Filipiniana collections during her homecoming. The dress is one of the event’s highlights, exuding a modern, feminine look with a touch of traditional style. And as she walks through the aisle in her beloved Alma Mater school Dr Yanga’s College Inc., people are outstood by her sophisticated and ethereal beauty. Her appeal and overall look undoubtedly make her a beauty queen that shines from the crowd.

That said, we will look into the beauty of her gown, from the puff sleeve to its intricate design.

The Lars Pacheco look during her Homecoming

Chico Estiva is known for creating several Filipino traditional dresses for events and pageantry. He has dressed several celebrities and beauty queens in the past, making him Lars Pacheco’s top pick. The terno dress that Lars wore has a modern twist in all areas. It has intricate beadwork and a flowing silhouette, which adds an elegant touch to the masterpiece. The butterfly sleeves give her solid, built-in hidden support. Also, the warm-toned gown was wrapped with silk clothing on the front, giving a dramatic flair to the outfit.

The traditional gown is undeniably a perfect choice for the event. It best symbolizes our dresses’ rich culture and history while adding a modern touch to fashion. And as Lars will soon reach the international stage as she will be representing our country in Thailand, may she also wear or incorporate traditional Filipino elements so people around the world can see why Filipiniana is a good choice.

Filipino Formal Dress

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