Ana Cruz Kayne Proudly Represents the Philippines: The Story Behind Her Filipiniana Dress in the Barbie Movie

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Ana Cruz Kayne Proudly Represents the Philippines: The Story Behind Her Filipiniana Dress in the Barbie Movie

Recently, everyone has gone pink as they go along with the hype of the newly released fantasy comedy film Barbie. On the other hand, Ana Cruz Kayne made an exciting twist to the public by showcasing a unique Filipiniana dress with a Barbie-inspired style and design. The Filipino-American actress can be shown proudly clad in her pink Filipiniana.

That said, the Filipiniana continues to remain in the trends. Countless people from different walks of life have already flaunted the beauty and authenticity of Filipiniana dresses. Additionally, various personalities have enjoyed integrating different styles and details to enhance the traditional Filipiniana outfit. Take an interesting overview as we glimpse how Ana Cruz Kayne did an excellent job showcasing Filipino pride, Filipiniana.

Barbie’s Ana Cruz Kayne in Filipiniana Outfit

Lately, we’ve witnessed the new movie from its official trailer until its release. Meanwhile, Ana Cruz Kayne sparked everyone’s attention as she walked at the premiere clad in her best Filipino-inspired outfit, which took place in London on July 12. According to the actress, her mom is from the Philippines and wanted to wear the traditional butterfly-sleeve dress.

Filipiniana formal dress

Ana Cruz Kayne during the premiere of ‘Barbie’ in London on July 12. (Source: The Messenger)

Featuring a Dennis Lustico creation, Ana is all glammed up with a nude pink Balintawak top with delicate leaf appliqués, adding a touch of exquisiteness and sophistication to her ensemble. We can see that Ana looks gorgeous as ever as she walks along the carpet of the London event. Ana did incorporate a modern twist that brings Filipiniana formal dress closer to the current time.

Ana Cruz Kayne wears a Filipiniana in a scene from the movie. (Source: Preview PH)

Once again, the picture above shows Ana wearing the renowned Filipiniana dress. In an interview, the actress revealed that costume designer Jacqueline Durran created a Filipiniana-inspired piece for her to wear as Barbie. On the other hand, Ana says it’s an excellent way to honor her family and that it was her favorite fit from the movie.

Filipino Wedding Dress

Ana Cruz Kayne wears a terno top during the Hollywood premiere. (Source: PEP PH)

Having the same goal of showing pride and appreciation towards her Filipino roots, Ana continued to slay the premiere in Hollywood. This time, she completed her Filipiniana with a long fringe skirt and a tapis from Hervé Léger, representing her American roots. This outfit was also designed by the one and only Dennis Lustico.

The 33-year-old Filipina-American actress is known for a couple of her classic shows, such as Little Women, Susie Searches, Another Earth, Jerry and Marge Go Large, and many more. Ana’s mother is Filipina and has roots in Bulacan, Philippines. In 2020, a photo of her was posted where the actress was wearing a Filipiniana with the location set in Hagonoy.

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