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How to Make Barong Tagalog for Kids

The Barong Tagalog has been every Filipino’s choice of formal wear for many occasions. It gives a sophisticated and aristocratic look, making the wearer stand out. And while it is grown men that we usually see in these clothes, the Barong is also a good choice for kids. Moreover, with many types and designs available in Filipino stores, you can ultimately find the best custom-made barong Tagalog.

With regards to how these formal shirts are made, we give you the step-by-step process so you have an idea of how a simple cloth transformed into a beautiful barong Tagalog for kids.

Step 1: Make the sewing patterns

Before the sewing process begins, we need to make the patterns for the formal shirt we wish to make. These serve as our guide in forming the custom-made barong Tagalog so it should be perfectly created. And in today’s time, there are two ways we can do sewing patterns, paper and digital. So, either way, it will help us throughout the production process.

Step 2: Choose the fabric

Choosing the suitable fabric is the second step in making a Barong Tagalog. Again, we are very mindful of how the material would fit kids as they are compassionate about their clothes. Our barongs mainly consist of Jusi, Cocoon, Jusilin, Piña, and Organza. These fabrics are the best types as they are comfortable and not itchy for kids.

Step 3: Cut out shirt shapes

Once we can determine what fabric to use, we begin cutting out the shapes for the shirt. During the cutting stage, we always ensure that we cut exactly the proper measurements and size so kids won’t look too baggy or tight while wearing our Barong Tagalog. And as fabrics differ, cutting precision is always at our best.

Step 4: Pin, stitch and sew together the fabric

After finishing the cutouts, we now proceed to the pinning section. First, we pin the shirt’s seams on the shoulder and the sides. We then stitch the seams together and check if everything is adjusted correctly and placed. We then begin the sewing process.

Step 5: Embroider the design

To make the barong Tagalog for kids look appealing, we embroider them with fun and bright designs. We start it out on the underside of the shirt so the knot won’t be visible. We then followed it by hand sewing the design through the clothing. Once we formed the plan, we knotted the end of the thread and cut it out.

Step 6: Check the finished product

Once everything has been made, it is time to check the custom-made barong Tagalog. But, first, we took it to the sampling unit to check if everything looked the same as we had planned. We then place it in a safe place to maintain the beauty of our barongs.

barong Tagalog for kids

And that’s the whole process of making barong Tagalog for kids! We are keen and precise with every step to give you the best barong for your little ones. So if you want to know more about the Barong R Us collection of custom-made barong Tagalog for kids and men, you can visit our website  for more.

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