Quality Barong Tagalog

The Best Fabrics for a High-Quality Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog is the default choice of Filipino men regarding traditional wear—this classic clothing is worn during formal events like weddings, gatherings, and masses. Wearing one gives a sense of pride to our culture, showcasing the uniqueness of the Filipino heritage. That is why if you want to look your best and be comfortable during special occasions, you need to know what kind of fabric would best suit you. In that regard, here are some of the best materials you can choose from in your barong.

High-Quality Barong Tagalog

The Best Barong Tagalog Fabrics

One of the things that you should look into when choosing a Barong Tagalog is the fabric itself. You need to become familiar with the different types of fabric so you can distinguish which of the many options is most suitable for you.


Abaca is one of the top fabrics used to create a stylish barong. Its flexible and durable feature makes it a versatile material used to make everything, not just barongs but also bags and hats. And since it is strong and lightweight, many men choose  barongs with this fabric type.


The Jusi type is the best choice when you want a printing pattern on a fabric. Any barong style can be as stunning as the foreign suits, as this fabric best gives a transparent varnish to several layers. Also, the raised design excellently stood out from the material, providing a reflective light effect.

Barong Tagalog


Cocoon silk, known as Cocoon, is an intricately woven textile akin to the piña fabric variant. Its allure lies in the remarkable translucency it imparts, a result of the extraction and transformation of natural fibers sourced from the silkworm’s outer and inner layers. The resulting cocoon silk emanates an exquisite opaqueness, captivating the beholder’s gaze.


This type of fabric is an ideal material to make a Barong. Piña is very light, soft, and almost transparent, making it a perfect choice for formal wear. And since this fabric comes from fibers extracted from the pineapple plant leaves, it is a rare and expensive fabric.


Piña-seda, pineapple-silk or piña-silk, or whatever you call it. This fabric gives off a complete softness and sheen of silk, creating a luxurious, durable, and quality barong tagalog. The intricate texture of this fabric makes it an outstanding masterpiece. Just like the Abaca, piña-silk is lightweight and breathable, giving the wearer enough comfort.

quality barong tagalog

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Barong Tagalog gives a special and unique effect to the wearer. It positively elevates the appearance of men, bringing out their masculine and firm looks in simple but sophisticated clothing. And when it comes to what type of barong and where you should look for one, trust us when it comes to this. We at Barong R Us offer a high-quality barong from abaca, cocoon, jusi, piña, and piña-silk for your upcoming event. We have many Philippine barong Tagalog clothes perfect for you or your loved ones.


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