Barong Tagalog


Step into a world of elegance and style as we showcase the unforgettable moments when BarongsRUs customers
stole the spotlight at their special events. From weddings to cultural celebrations, our customers have graced the
occasion with their impeccable taste in Barong and Filipiniana.

Barong Tagalog
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On his wedding day, Joshua Torres confidently donned The Coat Barong Made Modern in resplendent Ivory. This masterpiece of sartorial craftsmanship blends precision tailoring with distinctive details, embodying timeless elegance. As he stood at the altar, the embroidery revealed its evolving charm. The Mandarin collar, both functional
and stylish, maintained its shape, adding sophistication. With a five-button closure, three buttoned cuffs, and full lining, it ensured a snug yet gracefully structured fit, marking each step towards a future filled with grace and style.

Filipiniana Gowns For Sale
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Jem radiated elegance and grace at the Stockton Fil-Am’s 36th Church Anniversary celebration, wearing a stunning Mestiza Barong Dress. The exquisite attire featured an intricately embroidered bodice, crafted from the finest Piña-Organza fabric. Her choice effortlessly blended tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Filipino heritage while making a timeless fashion statement that turned heads and left a lasting impression.

barong tagalog dresses
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Kevin stands proudly in our finely crafted Barong Tagalog, a poignant symbol of his profound connection to his Filipino heritage. He and his partner, Andrew, celebrate a remarkable eight years of love and togetherness. Together, this lovely couple embodies the fusion of tradition and love, celebrating not only their union but also the cultural diversity that makes their relationship even more special.

Filipiniana Gown
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Anaregina, adorned in our exquisite Mestiza Gown, radiated grace and beauty as she took center stage during the Santacruzan festival, hosted by the Fil-Am Council of Texas. With her regal presence, she represented National American Miss in the vibrant parade and participated enthusiastically in the festival’s festivities, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the event. Her choice of our stunning attire not only showcased her sense of style but also
embodied the essence of Filipiniana tradition, making her a true embodiment of the celebration’s spirit.

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Steven and Jan’s wedding was a true testament to love, heritage, and the beauty of blending traditions. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Wolfe Island, their celebration radiated elegance and charm. What made their union even more remarkable was Steven’s decision to honor Jan’s Filipino roots by wearing a Barong Tagalog, a symbol of Filipino culture and pride. This choice added a unique touch of cultural significance to their special day, capturing the essence of their love story. As the warm summer sun bathed the ceremony in a golden glow and the day culminated in a breathtaking sunset, Steven and Jan’s wedding was a perfect blend of love, family, and cultural appreciation.

Filipiniana Wedding Dresses
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At Christina and Anthony’s wedding, our Barong Tagalog truly made the groom stand out in the most remarkable way. Their celebration was a testament to the fact that, no matter where you choose to commemorate your special day, bringing your heritage along is a beautiful way to honor your roots and add a touch of timeless elegance to the occasion.

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