All the Many Times Heart Evangelisa Wowed Us with Her Filipiniana Fashion

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All the Many Times Heart Evangelisa Wowed Us with Her Filipiniana Fashion

Heart Evangelista may be in the hot seat right now, but she surely knows how to do it in style. After having arrived from her latest stint during Paris Fashion Week, the actress and influencer is followed with a personal controversy surrounding her marriage life. Heart, however, just shrugs things off with a smile and continues to do what she loves to do and that is… to vlog. She recently vlogged about her Paris trip, her realizations about living in luxury and all the things life throws at you. One thing we still can’t help but notice is her sartorial take to all things in life, whether she’s having problems or not. 

So in lieu of Heart Evangelista’s latest sartorial moment during fashion week, let’s take a quick peek at all her Filipiniana-inspired outfits that made the social world abuzz.

Look #1: A Filipiniana fashion week affair.

Filipinina Gowns And Dresses

Photo courtesy of iamhearte

Here’s actress and influencer, Heart Evangelista, strutting her Filipiniana-inspired dress during fashion week. Clad in a fancy blue and white ensemble and a messy hair bun, the actress finished off her fashion week look with some white high-heels for extra height and definition to her outfit. She wrote on Instagram: “My kind of Filipiniana by my darling @cheetahriverastudio 🇵🇭 📸 @edward.berthelot”. 

Look #2: Celebrating independence day with style.

Celebrating independence day with style

Photo courtesy of iamhearte

Heart Evangelista is the true definition of an #independentwoman. She certainly looked the part during this year’s Independence Day when she wore a simple but stunning white Filipiniana dress and matched it with a chic clutch bag with the Philippine flag design on it. She wrote on Instagram: “Happy Independence Day, everyone! 🇵🇭 Celebrating the occasion with a first-of-its-kind bag modeled after the Philippine flag by Judith Leiber. It truly is a reflection of the free spirit of our nation, so today, may we pay tribute to the valiant Filipinos who fought and continues to fight for our freedom and future. Again, thanks for designing this for me, @judithleiberny. I can’t wait to take this with me wherever I am in the world. ♥️”

Look #3: Having an expensive bag in tow.

Having an expensive bag in tow

Photo courtesy of iamhearte

When you have an expensive handbag in tow, and wearing a modern Filipiniana-inspired outfit, you’re surely going to feel extra posh and proud. Here’s Heart Evangelist showing us again why she deserves the title “Fashion Icon” that she truly enjoys today. She wrote on Instagram: “Verified Proudly Filipino. 🇵🇭 ♥️💙💛 @louisvuitton #LVCapucines #LoveMarieHandpaintedBags.

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Here are a few more looks from the actress that we truly love and enjoy looking at. If you need an extra dose of inspiration for your upcoming event, be sure to check out Heart Evangelista’s Instagram account or you could simply browse through our collection and find what you’re looking for.

Filipiniana custom dresses or traditional costumes have always been a part of our history and culture, and Heart Evangelista is an epitome of a beautiful modern day Filipina wearing her heritage with pride. Here at BarongsRUs, we also pride ourselves in providing beautiful Filipinianas that showcase the beauty of our own culture, too.

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