Why Short-Sleeve Barong Tagalog is the Perfect Outfit for Summer

Introduction to Short-Sleeved Barong Tagalog

Why Short-Sleeve Barong Tagalog is the Perfect Outfit for Summer

The summer season and all the events that come with it are fast approaching. With the season’s heat, it is probably not the best time to wear a long-sleeved barong. That is why the ideal option for summer is a short-sleeved barong. So, if you still want to maintain the traditional Filipino clothing of stylish barongs, this barong is just right for you.

Short Sleeve Barong: A Trendy Outfit for Summer

The long-sleeved barong is the traditional Filipino men’s clothing piece’s standard version. Though it is still relevant, the short-sleeved option is essential for summer as it gives a comfortable and trendy look.

short-sleeved barongs

Introduction to Short-Sleeved Barong Tagalog

The defining feature of this specific barong is its shorter sleeves. The essence of the traditional barong remains with the similar designs and patterns that boast Filipino culture. With lightweight materials, this option has a more breathable feel and experience. Usual fabrics for barong Tagalogs are organza, jusi, jusi-piña, and more.

Comfort and Breathability

There is no better feeling than being comfy and confident in your clothes. In addition, dressing for the weather is always ideal to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the day despite the current climate conditions. These lightweight materials in short-sleeved barongs offer wearers comfort and breathability, enhance airflow, and reduce heat.

Versatility in Summer Occasions

Numerous events are possible during the summer. These occasions may include birthdays, christenings, weddings, and more that require a more upscale ensemble. These short-sleeved traditional Filipino men’s pieces are ideally paired with pants made of linen or other breathable fabrics to maintain the coolness of the entire look. Moreover, incorporating accessories suitable for the outfit makes it stand out for either day or night events.

Short-Sleeved Barong Tagalog

Styling Tips for the Short-Sleeved Barong Tagalog

There are various ways to style this short-sleeved option in the summertime. As mentioned, these are usually paired with linen or lightweight bottoms. These barongs usually go well with light-colored pants to embrace the season. Moreover, it comes in numerous designs and colors that wearers can choose from. It is best to go for classic and timeless cream or beige barong.

Embracing Informal Elegance

During the summer, events usually embrace the balance of formal and casual due to the climate circumstances. To find the nexus between formality and casualness in the short-sleeved barong Tagalog, wearers can dress it down with lightweight jeans or everyday trousers with sneakers or slip-ons. Moreover, wearers can also accessorize with hats to make it appear more casual.

Beach Weddings and Tropical Destinations

Summer is the ideal time for beach and destination weddings. Due to their breathability and comfort, short-sleeved barongs are ideal for the groom, entourage, and guests. And as it symbolizes the Philippine origins, it is definitely an ideal choice for tropical climates.

Where to Find Quality Short-Sleeved Barong Tagalogs

Barong Tagalogs

Several boutiques sell short-sleeved barongs of various designs and colors. At Barongs R Us, we sell a variety of traditional Filipino wear for men and women. In fact, we have an extensive catalog of short-sleeved barongs for any occasion, available in different designs and colors. Our barong selections are high-quality and perfect for the summer weather. So if you are looking for the perfect attire for your upcoming event, you can visit our website today.

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