Capturing Love: Exploring the Filipiniana-themed Pre-Nuptial Shoot of Samantha Bernardo and Scott Moore

Capturing Love: Exploring the Filipiniana-themed Pre-Nuptial Shoot of Samantha Bernardo and Scott Moore

Let’s explore the remarkable Filipiniana-themed of former Beauty Queen Samantha Bernardo and her groom Scott Moore. Beauty Queen-turned host Samantha Bernardo just recently posted pictures of their prenuptial shoot on her Instagram that took place in the Ruins, in Bacolod City. The lovely couple tied the knot and went with a Filipino-themed prenup shoot.

Miss Grand International 2020 1st Runner-up, Samantha Bernardo chose the Ruins which features a quaint architecture encompassed by vast greenery. On top of that, the couple also looks dashing with their traditional Filipino clothes. Scott Moore, her groom, is clad with the famous Barong Tagalog which absolutely complimented Samantha’s Filipiniana dress.

Filipiniana dress

Our lovely couple, Scott and Samantha as they happily smiled in front of the camera while clad in their respective elegant traditional Filipino attires. Image source

It’s unclear when their romance began but pictures of their private relationship started circulating online in December 2020. However, last February 20, Samantha posted an announcement about her engagement as she posted a selfie of herself wearing an engagement ring. The Beauty Queen finally said “I Do” and is ready to face a new chapter in life as Mrs. Moore.

The Filipiniana-themed prenuptial shoot symbolizes their true love that continues to blossom in the country. Scott, on other hand, is definitely proud to embrace the heritage and cultural roots of his wife. Nothing feels better than a partner who’s definitely game to delve more about your culture, and his attire says a lot about it.

 Filipinina Gowns And Dresses

The gorgeous bride is posing in front of a dramatic fountain behind. Image source

Negros-based photo studio, Dagway Photos, made sure every glance was worthwhile. The shots were skillfully taken in every angle, making the couple look glamorous than ever. With the Ruins being a top attraction, the setting certainly complimented the photography well. As a result, the photos exude a dramatic ambiance that made love even more apparent.

Barong Tagalog

Scott Moore, the groom, wearing traditional clothing Barong Tagalog. Image source

Furthermore, the traditional Filipino outfits worn by the couple also promotes the deeper cultural roots of the country. Nowadays, we can see numerous locals wearing Filipiniana wedding dresses with the goal of celebrating ceremonies in a distinct concept. Wearing these outfits provide a unique experience of being closer to your homeland. Moreover, some people also add more details to make the events more traditional.

Based on Samantha’s post on Instagram, the gown comes from the one and only Leonard Geraldes, who’s known to be “mangleycouture” on Instagram. We can see the pretty details of the gown that showcases an old-fashion design with a modern twist. Also, the embroidery is top-notch and possesses a unique character.

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