Styling Tips for Kimonas that You Need to Know

Styling Tips for Kimonas that You Need to Know

Filipina women have worn kimonas for decades as another form of traditional Filipino formal dress. At present, these are used as costumes to represent the Philippines or as attires for formal occasions. That said, more and more women choose to wear one for any special occasion as it gives a different kind of homage to the country. So, if you are interested in traditional Filipino clothing and its cultural significance, continue reading to know more!

The Kimona as a Versatile Piece

Before diving into the specifics of the kimona and its significance in Philippine culture, it must first be defined and described. Well, the clothing piece is traditionally a classic sheer blouse conventionally worn by Filipina dancers for cultural dances. Nowadays, it is worn and styled in different ways for various events.

As a Cultural Costume

A lot of Filipinos around the world or Filipino dance troupe adaptations use the kimona as their chosen piece for dancing. Instead of opting for Filipiniana gowns as a cultural costume, the kimona is more versatile for movement due to its structure. Additionally, this is an ideal option for students who are required to wear cultural pieces to school because of its affordability and easy styling.

Kimonas are used as a cultural costume and have very straightforward styling. The market has kimona designs, usually paired with a skirt or black dress pants. This loose-fitting blouse is flattering for all body types. Furthermore, its fit makes it convenient for various movements like dancing, for example.

As a Wedding Guest Ensemble

An increasing number of Filipino weddings opt for a traditional theme. A common misconception may be that the only acceptable women’s wear are Filipiniana gowns. However, attendees may also opt for more formal kimona designs.

In that regard, female attendees usually pair their kimonas with the classic alampay for weddings to elevate the look. Adding outerwear makes the overall look more traditionally elegant. Like other conventional Filipino wear, these pieces boast intricate embroidery embodying grace and elegance.

Since the fabric on these clothing pieces is typically sheer, sets usually come with undergarments that match the blouse. If you ever feel cold even with the alampay, you can always layer the outfit with a coat that doesn’t clash with the focal point’s color and designs. An ideal coat would be plain and in a neutral color. You can also add a pearl necklace and capiz shell earrings to accessorize for the ultimate feminine appearance.

Styling Tips for Kimonas that You Need to Know

As Cultural Celebration Outfits

There are a lot of things to celebrate in Philippine culture. These events are usually fashion shows boasting traditional Filipiniana dresses and other pieces. Usually, these events occur around the Philippine Independence Day, which falls on June 12 every year.

At these celebrations, there are generally a lot of outfits that adapt the colors of the Philippine flag and lots of traditional designs and embroidery. Similar to the styling tips above, wearers can pair their kimona with an alampay and elevate the look even more with accessories. Moreover, they can opt for stilettos to help them stand tall and look their very best.

As Everyday Wear

In the previous year, there has been a rising trend of wearing traditional Filipino pieces like sack polos and blouses as everyday wear. That said, wearers can incorporate the kimona in their daily outfits by pairing it with linen and flats like canvas sneakers or slip-ons. Though these pieces are traditionally worn untucked with skirts or dress pants, you can tuck them in for a casual look paired with a linen skirt or pants. In that regard, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the puff-sleeve and bell-sleeve trends while showcasing Filipino clothing pieces.

Where to Get Kimonas Online?

Over the years, various creative designs have been created for Filipiniana dresses and kimonas. Due to the increased styles, buyers might need help finding a boutique to purchase traditional Philippine clothing. In your search for the perfect kimona for whatever occasion you intend to wear it, ensure to include Barongs R Us. We offer numerous Kimona styles and colors to match your event. For more Kimona collections, check out our website today.

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