Choosing the Right Mestiza Bolero

Styling Tips for Achieving the Classic Mestiza Bolero Look

The mestiza bolero is a form of traditional Filipino dress that has adapted to contemporary dressing styles. It is a versatile clothing piece you can easily curate with Filipiniana dresses. Moreover, its simplicity and timeless elegance can easily elevate an overall look on any occasion. Learn more about achieving a classic look with the mestiza bolero styling tips.

Understanding the Classic Mestiza Bolero

Mestiza bolero is a traditional Filipino clothing piece whose classic features and characteristics boast intricate embroidery in various designs and colors. Conventional Filipino formal wear like this is known for its beautiful design and embroidery on a cool clothing material that is perfect for any event and occasion.

In addition to that, it has historical and cultural significance that every wearer embodies. It represents the beauty and creativity of traditional Filipino fashion that can be adapted into contemporary outfits. The piece is now worn over modern dresses or sets, adding a traditional Filipino flair to the entire look.

Choosing the Right Mestiza Bolero

Mestiza boleros come in various designs and colors, and it is essential to choose the right one to elevate your entire outfit. These boleros usually come in the same cut and structure, which gives an even edgier traditional Filipiniana butterfly or puff sleeves. That said, wearers can choose what they want to look like as they have many options.

And, to choose the right one, having a vision for your event look is important. These boleros flatter all kinds of Filipino dresses, gowns, and sets, which is why they are a good option.


Coordinating with Traditional Attire

There is no denying that Filipino traditional dresses are intricately beautiful. However, only some have the budget or time to look for a Filipiniana dress. These boleros serve as an option for individuals in a rush wanting to elevate their modern attire with Filipino pieces. It can achieve a more sophisticated Filipino appearance by integrating other classical, timeless pieces like pearls and other jewelry.

Embracing Embroidery and Detailing

A distinct feature of these classic mestiza boleros are their embroidery and detailing. These features are common in traditional Filipino clothing pieces that showcase its intricacies and creativity in design. In selecting your bolero, make sure to choose a piece with details that resonate with the classic aesthetic and theme of the event. Adding other lace or beadwork elements are also an ideal option to elevate the outfit.

Hairstyles and Makeup Complementing Mestiza Bolero

Traditionally, Filipina women wear Filipino gowns, dresses, and sets and wear their hair up. They usually wear their hair neat bun when showcasing their Filipiniana outfits. However, contemporary adaptations can integrate a more laid-back appearance, like letting the hair down in waves or tying a few strands down to frame the face.

Timeless Color Choices

As shown in the mestiza bolero examples above, these clothing pieces have numerous available colors that boast a timeless appearance. These pieces have numerous neutral tones and muted colors, making them an ideal partner for any innerwear.

Where to Get Mestiza Boleros Online?

With everyone’s busy schedule, finding the time to purchase the ideal mestiza bolero to pair with your Filipino gowns and dresses may be hard. Thus, if you are looking for one, you might as well choose a trusted supplier. At Barongs R Us, we offer numerous boleros online for consumers to browse and purchase. Check out our mestiza bolero collection here!

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