Characteristics of a Well-Made Barong Tagalog

custom-made barong Tagalog

Characteristics of a Well-Made Barong Tagalog

The Barong Tagalog is genuinely a masterpiece. It is the perfect attire for men on formal and semi-formal occasions. That is why wearing a well-made barong Tagalog gives pride to the wearer and a privilege to the maker. When choosing traditional Filipino men’s clothing,  one must know the characteristics, whether it’s the intricate detail or the fabric itself. So how would you know if you’ve chosen a quality barong Tagalog that looks good on you and your budget?

Here are the characteristics of a well-made barong Tagalog.

1.  Excellent quality of fabric

The essential element of a custom-made barong Tagalog is the quality of the fabric that is being used. The material brings out the best in an item of clothing, making the barong Tagalog stand out from the rest. Also, the fabric choice, such as Abaca, Cocoon, Jusi, Piña, and Piña-Silk, will determine what a barong Tagalog would look like. It is with excellent quality fabric that makes a quality barong Tagalog.

Barong Tagalog

2.  Intricate embroidery/craftsmanship

Embroidering or crafting a quality barong Tagalog takes time, effort, and mastery. With intricate craftsmanship, a strikingly beautiful barong Tagalog is made. Only highly skilled craftsmen can create a custom-made barong Tagalog authentic. And with a detailed touch, simple clothing can turn into a work of art that shows the delicate composition and an innate sense of refinement in an attire.

3.  Elegant color

One of the things that signifies a well-made barong Tagalog is the color itself. You must know that color matters when looking for quality men’s clothing for a special event. If a barong Tagalog has the wrong color, people will judge you. Therefore, examining what color suits you best before picking a barong is advisable. After all, a quality barong Tagalog has a captivating appearance in and out.

quality barong Tagalog

4.  Beautiful style and design

Various custom-made barong Tagalog designs match different styles. Some of the most popular designs are the modern barong Tagalog, custom classic barong, colored barong Tagalog, and many others. These designs are very trendy, making traditional attire more appealing than trendy western clothes. And although designs differ from person to person, a quality barong Tagalog maker will always bring out the best in clothing, whatever the structure is.

custom-made barong Tagalog

A barong Tagalog speaks a lot about the wearer. In that case, you must choose the best and most well-designed barong Tagalog that makes you feel comfortable and look good at the same time. With an excellent fabric, color, and design paired with intricate and authentic embroidery, a high-quality barong is well-made.

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Knowing the characteristics of a well-made barong will surely give you a good purchase. If you are looking for a wide variety of Barong Tagalog for men that offer a strong sense of style and comfort, Barong R Us has a lot to offer. We have a lot of barongs available in our store tailored by our skilled people using the finest materials available. Interested? Just visit our website and check out our Barong Tagalog collection today.

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