Filipinina Gowns And Dresses

Filipiniana Dresses as the Epitome of Pageant Fashion

Nowadays, we see modern Filipinas clad in a wide variety of Filipiniana dresses in pageantry. In Filipino beauty pageants, several beauty queens have incorporated the Filipiniana gown to exude a distinct Filipino style. As a result, it became a great interest that caught the attention of fellow pageant contestants and pageant enthusiasts.

While Filipino traditional dresses are a thing of the past, they were recently revived, modified, and actively used by numerous personalities. Furthermore, people have been enjoying a wide range of styles as Barongs R Us has introduced their fashion creations made with full dedication and excellence. They love what they do, so they make the best products just for you.

Filipiniana Dresses in Pageantry

There have been multiple Filipiana beauty queens that have showcased their Filipiniana outfits on stage. And each of them has their own unique style that has wowed pageant fans and local viewers of Philippine pageantry. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of prominent Filipina beauty queens wearing their respective Filipiniana dresses with confidence.

Filipiniana Dresses in Pageantry

Pia Wurtzbach’s evening gown in Binibining Pilipinas 2015. (Image source: Cardona Rizal Gov Ph)

The Filipiniana Dress even reached its fame internationally as Miss Universe 2018 runner-up Vietnam H’Hen Nie wears the famous Filipiniana. As we can see, the traditional Filipino masterpiece is now appreciated, even by non-Filipinos. With its striking and attractive quality, there’s no doubt that Filipiniana dresses will be people’s fashion choice in any activity or event.

Filipiniana Dress

Miss Universe 2018 runner-up Vietnam H’Hen Niê wears Filipiniana attire. (Image source: Panay News)

In the third picture, we can see Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray rocking an orange-colored Filipiniana dress for a preliminary interview. The Filipina-Australian beauty queen looked gorgeous as she faced the cameras with glamor and full confidence. This Filipiniana dress also exudes a feminine quality paired with its eye-catching butterfly sleeves.

Filipiniana dress

Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray clad in an orange Filipiniana dress with its striking butterfly sleeves which is a versatile choice that goes well with any activity. (Image source: Pinterest)

Filipiniana Traditional Dresses in Modern Day

Recently, the rise of Filipiniana outfits have begun to flourish. As a result, numerous personalities have chosen to wear Filipiniana dresses and gowns in any occasion they partake in. On top of that, people continue to enjoy the essence and style of Filipiniana outfits as clothing businesses like Barongs R Us continue to produce excellent fashion creations.

The transformation of Filipiniana outfits have become a fashion interest in the modern generation. As a result, young people continue to appreciate the essence of Filipiniana outfits. Barongs R Us definitely did a good job of mixing a modern twist to make this retro masterpiece continue to thrive and remain appealing in Filipino society.

Walk Gracefully With Barongs R Us

Whether you walk on stage or other events, a beautiful Filipiniana gown will always catch everyone’s attention. So Barongs R Us also continue to grace us with their wonderful creations that are designed to suit any event. If you’re ready to get clad with the prettiest Filipiniana dress, contact us today or visit our website for more details.

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