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Casual Filipiniana Looks for Everyday Outfits

When we think about barongs and filipinianas, we often think about formal events like weddings, glamorous parties, christenings, Buwan ng Wika, and other special Filipino occasions. But have you ever thought about the traditional Filipino outfit together with modern and casual everyday wear?

As unusual as it sounds (and looks), there are ways that you can pull off wearing these traditional clothes for your everyday OOTD. We have listed some of the best modern Filipiniana looks here on our blog.

1.  Filipiniana Tops

Beautiful Women Filipinina Gowns And Dresses

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High-waist pants are back and what better way to pull it off than by pairing it with a cropped top blouse that is inspired by the Filipiniana. Indeed, it is the perfect look for a casual date, when you are headed to the mall, or even if you are joining a semi-formal event. This top can also be paired with a high-waist skirt.

2.  Boleros over Blouses

Boleros over Blouses

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Filipina singer Clara Benin brings a mix of casualness and tradition in this modern Filipiniana ensemble. It is both classy and laidback, perfect for a day out. Simply don on a plain shirt, some high-waisted pants, and throw on the kimona on top.

3.  Modern Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog

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Aside from our Dalagang Filipinas, men can also bring tradition into modern fashion. As seen in this image, the traditional Barong Tagalog has been redesigned into a modern one. As such, it is suited better for our modern-day ginoo’s. It is the perfect match to khaki or brown pants and sneakers, as seen in the image. But on the other hand, it can also be worn for semi-formal occassions.

4.  Cropped Barong Top

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Who said only men can pull of the barong tagalog? This modern Barong Tagalog takes a pink and feminine twist, making it the option for our laidback Dalagang Filipinas. If you are a fashionista at heart, you can pair it with a colorful pair of jeans, as seen on the image. It can also be paired with printed jeans for a more casual and modern look.

4. Filipiniana Tunic Blouse

Filipiniana Tunic Blouse

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For those who want a simpler look, this tunic blouse may perhaps be the perfect choice. Depending on where you are headed for, you can pair it with slacks or casual denim jeans.

5.  Barong Dress

For the ladies who prefer dresses and skirts over tops and jeans, this Barong Tagalog dress can be the choice. Sure, it looks formal but top it with some accessories like a necklace, a wais-belt, and then throw on some boots, it can pull off the casual modern Filipiniana look.

Barong Dress

Indeed, fashion is ever-evolving, and it draws inspiration from all kinds of sources and inspirations. If you want to give your everyday wardrobe a mix of the beauty of traditional Filipino wear, choose Barongs R Us. We offer a variety of styles, from traditional barong tagalogs, filipinianas, and baro’t sayas, to modern ones. We also do custom and bespoke pieces. So contact us today, and together, let us help you celebrate Filipino fashion.

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