Top Barong Tagalog Styles for Wedding Attendees

Barong Tagalog has been a staple in Filipino weddings for as long as citizens can remember. Men have traditionally worn this piece, such as romantic unions, on numerous occasions. Most of the time, it’s not only the groom who wears this traditional piece but also other attendees. Over the years, there have been evolutions in the design of these clothing items, and women now have their own versions as well. In this article, you are able to learn about the different styles that attendees can wear during the occassion.

Different Barong Tagalog Styles

The Different Barong Tagalog Styles

There have been various renditions of the traditional Filipino barong. These designs include contemporary, formal, women’s chic, and more.  See the explorations and innovations in traditional Filipino clothing below.

Traditional Barong Designs

The traditional style usually uses classic piña or jusi fabrics to embody that conventional look. These clothing pieces boast timeless embroidery and motifs. So, why do attendees opt to wear these barongs to weddings? It’s simple: these garments symbolize formality and respect, showcasing the event’s importance. Moreover, since these are common options, numerous guests no longer have to think about what to wear to weddings since these are usual choices.

Contemporary Barong Designs

Contemporary Barong Designs

Over the years, there have been different variations of the barong. These include more modern embroidery patterns and different colors to fit the themes of today’s weddings. Additionally, they involve innovative fabrics and embellishments. These garment options include:

  • Organza silk
  • Ramie or polyester

Most of these materials are typically cheaper, making them more accessible to the general public. However, despite their affordability, they still have the same patriotic appeal as the conventional pieces and garment selections.

Formal Barong Tagalog Designs

Formal designs do not fall far from the traditional designs. The room and the wedding party members usually wear this type. So, what sets it apart from the former? These stylish barongs are rich in embellishments that make the wearer stand out. Since there are short and long-sleeved options for these pieces, the formal variants usually showcase lengthier sleeves with embroidery and embellishments on them as well.

Chic Barong Designs

Chic Barong Designs

With significant strides in feminism and equity, there have also been adaptations of the classic barong for women. These designs offer a comfortable option for women to wear to formal events like weddings and are a step in the right direction toward equality between men and women. Additionally, these are very simple yet elegant, making them the appropriate clothing for wedding guests.

Matching the Stylish Barongs with Accessories

You must accessorize your outfit with the right pieces for a cohesive look when going to formal events. A few common add-ons to these pieces include cufflinks, beaded bracelets, and brooches. Moreover, some wearers add leis to the ensemble concerning their other cultural upbringings.

Styling Tips for Wedding Guests

For wedding guests who choose to wear barongs as attendees, it is important to style this in a manner that remains respectful to the Filipino culture. Furthermore, it is essential to incorporate accessories that coincide with the wedding theme. Appropriate bottom wear for these occasions includes dress pants and linen pants paired with formal leather shoes.

Where to Find Quality Barongs for Weddings

Different manufacturers and boutiques offer Barong Tagalogs to consumers. In fact, there are many options that you can see in physical and online stores. But where can you find quality pieces that you can use for multiple events? Well, you can check out Barongs R Us’ online catalog for our extensive selection of traditional Filipino clothing. Visit our website to know more!

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