Everything You Wanted to Know About PHILIPPINE BARONG TAGALOG CLOTHES STORE and Were Afraid To Ask

Barong Tagalog

Everything You Wanted to Know About PHILIPPINE BARONG TAGALOG CLOTHES STORE and Were Afraid To Ask

Filipino online stores have been the newest shopping avenue for individuals who like to buy traditional dresses for convenience. As there are a variety of collections for men, women and children, online stores are the preferred shopping corner in today’s time. With that, we have listed some questions you wanted to know about these stores to guide you along the way to productive Pinoy shopping online.

Barong Tagalog

Are the items the same as in the picture?

When we talk about the items shown in the picture, one thing to note is that every online store aims to provide you with items that look the same as the images provided on the website. But the photos can look a bit different as the colors may vary in actuality compared to the website images, just like in Filipino traditional dresses and Barong Tagalog.

When will your order arrive?

It is the arrival of the ordered items that make buyers anxious day by day. As there are some scams in today’s time, it is just right that you know when the item will be delivered to your house. For example, if you ordered Filipiniana gowns for sale, you will tend to wait for their arrival since you will be using them for a special occasion. Fortunately, if the order is in stock, you can expect the item to reach your address within 5-7 days. But if you live internationally, you can expect to receive it for about 10-15 days.

How can you track your order?

In most cases, Filipino online stores have been using the same process regarding tracking orders. Once you process your order, the store will instantly send an email confirmation of your order’s reference and tracking number. However, if you are still waiting to see the status of your order now, you must wait for hours as the online seller may currently process it.

Can you return your purchase if you are not satisfied?

One of the many concerns most online buyers are afraid to ask directly to the seller is the possibility of returned items. Some Filipino online stores do not allow returns since they have experienced many cases of dishonest customers. But with Barong R Us, we certainly allow returns as we want only satisfied clients. You can return it within 20 days for a full refund, and it must not have been worn, washed or damaged.

How can you care for your Barong Tagalog/Filipiniana?

Taking care of traditional Filipino dresses like the Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana is one of the things that online buyers are concerned about. Unlike the usual clothes, you must practice extra care with these dresses to avoid damage. It is better to hand wash it with a small amount of mild detergent in diluted water. Also, natural colored barongs should be in warm water while the rest should be using cold ones. And to retain the original shape of the dress, you must do moderate heat ironing while it is still damp for better results.


Indeed, Pinoy shopping online has become the newest form of shopping. You can look for various Filipiniana gowns for sale and other traditional dresses you can wear to formal events. And by knowing the answers to your few questions, you can clarify the many concerns circling in your mind. So, if you have something to ask about traditional Filipino dresses but are afraid to, contact Barong R Us 

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